HandGround Grinder: An Innovation for the Coffee Lovers

Technology and innovations are astounding us every day. With each passing day, something new is introduced that makes us forget the old devices because the latest model is better than the previous one.

The entrepreneurs and the small business owners are coming up with such innovations that it is changing the face of the world. Telling you from my own experience last weekend I was looking for a good manual coffee grinder online (This site has good info on manual grinders). I was amazed when I came across this HandGround Grinder in the Kickstarter campaign.

I was so attracted by an innovation that I was intrigued to try it and so I ordered it. To tell you the truth running after branded products has become an old story now. The real talent is hidden in the entrepreneurs and the small business owners. The products launched by them are the real future as they are innovational and high quality.

So coming towards the HandGround Grinder you must be thinking that what is so special about it. So let me share a few qualities of this new machinery in town.

What sets it Apart?

Following are some of the qualities of the HandGround Grinder that makes it different from the other common grinders that we utilize:

• Its top will be locked that will not let the beans get out while you are grinding the coffee.
• The handle is mounted on the side for a better control and ergonomics.
• Its base is wide and a stabilizing pad is installed you that it will not slip while you are grinding the coffee beans.
• It is a large capacity of 100 grams, which means that you can ground the coffee for at least 5 cups.
• With a single twist, you can select the coarseness level of your beans. Thus, it will provide you with the coffee that you desire.
• It has 20 coarseness levels to select from.
• The framework of the grinder is made from aluminum to avoid corrosion and to make it strong and temperature stable.
• To produce a consistent grind it has a triple mounted axle made of the stainless steel.
• It has a glass catcher to avoid any sticky grounds.

If you are a coffee lover then you must know that a properly grounded coffee is the key to perfect taste and aroma. According to my experience, this HandGround Grinder is the perfect device that will help you extract the flavor from every single bean of coffee.

Therefore, instead of buying the same branded products it is time for us to focus and appreciate what entrepreneurs have launched in the market. Because they are also working hard to introduce something innovational in the market and this HandGround Grinder is the proof of it.

Visit the Kickstarter website for more innovations that will not only make your life easy but also you can see what is being introduced in the world.

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